Linen Love Affair

The summer is nearly upon us, and so our love affair with the season's most lusted over fabric begins.
Click here to see how our romance with the cool calm collected one has blossomed through the years...

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Summer Lovin'

We met in the hazy summer of 2011, the sun was beaming down on Ambrose Wilson HQ, the birds were singing in the trees and ladies everywhere were ditching the dresses and lunging for the linen, we sold over 90,000 pairs that summer!

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those little details Make The Difference

We've spent the past 3 years painstakingly perfecting our linen with details you'll notice every time you wear a pair. We now have a fully elasticated waist and have added
a drawcord to the front for adjustability.

Our linen mix is a cool, comfortable cocktail of cotton, linen and viscose which means
it doesn’t crease as much and is really
easy to iron (and we hate ironing)!

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added drawcord to front for extra adjustability

full back waist elastication for comfort and ease of fit

front slant pockets

flat front waist

cotton, linen, viscose mix - cool, easy iron, drapey fabric

comfortable, relaxed wide leg

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Still Going Strong

To date we’ve sold over 400,000 pairs of linen, in 4 lengths and in 18 different colours! Ladies across the country rejoice in their love of the linen stuff... Where fashion fads come and go, we know this is one cute coupling that's built to last!

"At last a pair of trousers which I feel comfortable in and the sizing was true."

"These trousers can be accessorised in different ways to make them suit any occasion, thus making them excellent value for money."

"Can be worn smart/casual or just casual.
Very comfortable and great colour."

"These trousers are ideal for holidays. Great with T shirts or could wear with a dressy top
for evening."

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